NFL Notes: Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Patriots, & Raiders



  • Andrew Brandt points out that Cowboys QB Tony Romo has the “most mortgaged contract” in the NFL.
  • Due to multiple restructures to create cap room, Brandt mentions that Romo’s salary next year is $8.5 million, but his cap number will be $20.1 million.


  • Eagles HC Chip Kelly was adamant after Thursday’s game that Billy Davis will remain as defensive coordinator.
  • Reuben Frank adds that it’s Kelly’s call, not owner Jeffery Lurie’s.



Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis said that they definitely saw something in Tom Brady several years ago, but they had no idea he would end up being this good.

“Let me say this: Everyone is standing in line now to take credit for Tommy Brady,” Weis, , per Albert Breer of NFL Media. “Here’s what I do know: Starting with Bill [Belichick], throw in [former Pats exec] Scott [Pioli], and include [former QBs coach] Dick Rehbein, and then me and the rest of the coaches … His rookie year, we kept — and this was really Scott and Bill’s decision — four quarterbacks on the roster. Who does that? … We saw something. But not this.

Weiss added that it was really close between keeping Damon Huard as their third-string quarterback instead of Brady.

“I don’t think we really knew at the time,” Weis said. “In the preseason, it was too close to call between Damon and Tommy. Bill and I sat down, and we went back and forth, and we gave it to Tommy by a nose. It really was too close to call. I’d say the intangibles, that’s what everyone bet on. That was one of the key components.


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