NFL Notes: Devonta Freeman, Cap Space, 2020 Season


Devonta Freeman

Former Falcons RB Devonta Freeman has changed agents and is still looking to get into camp with an NFL team, however, he wants to find a fit that is right for him.

“Just picking the right spot where I can be really, really highly utilized and get a real good -opportunity,” Freeman said during an interview with Sirus XM NFL Radio, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Of course, the business part with the contract is always up there. The main thing is being around guys that believe in me … that can see what I can see. I want to win so bad. I want to be around guys (who) want to win.”

Freeman reportedly turned down an offer from the Seahawks and has also has been linked to the Buccaneers and Eagles. The Seahawks ended up signing RB Carlos Hyde, while the Buccaneers struck a deal with veteran RB LeSean McCoy.

“That’s what I’m aiming for, to come to a team and make general managers, head coaches and everybody else’s lives easier,” Freeman said. “Bring in my skill set and my talent. What I can bring to the table. Things are going to pick back up. I have been keeping in contact with some teams and a few coaches and stuff that I know around the league and just talking. As of now, I’m just being patient and waiting on the right opportunity. The right fit.”

We have him included in our Top 100 Available 2020 Free Agents list.

Cap Space

Field Yates of ESPN posted the updated official cap space numbers for all 32 teams on Friday following opt-outs:

  1. Browns: $40,468,180
  2. Patriots: $33,431,135
  3. Washington: $30,634,658
  4. Broncos: $29,541,191
  5. Jets: $29,266,652
  6. Titans: $25,199,921
  7. Dolphins: $24,650,560
  8. Bills: $24,288,558
  9. Eagles: $23,749,246
  10. Lions: $22,933,007
  11. Colts: $22,256,027
  12. Giants: $21,441,129 
  13. Texans: $21,137,877
  14. Bengals: $18,551,659
  15. Bears: $17,220,760
  16. Jaguars: $16,955,684
  17. Seahawks: $14,497,295
  18. Chargers: $13,675,353
  19. Packers: $13,280,409
  20. Panthers: $13,177,619
  21. Chiefs: $13,003,035
  22. 49ers: $12,529,886
  23. Vikings: $12,391,078
  24. Cowboys: $9,903,486
  25. Saints: $7,821,902
  26. Falcons: $7,434,223
  27. Ravens: $6,955,167
  28. Cardinals: $5,619,862
  29. Steelers: $4,488,656
  30. Rams: $3,898,396
  31. Raiders: $3,292,623
  32. Buccaneers: $1,391,927

2020 Season

  • Joel Corry notes that players opting out as “high risk” will be awarded a credited and an accrued season. A credited season relates to pension and benefits, while an accrued season counts as a year of service for free agency purposes.
  • Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that the NFL is considering adding virtual fans for game days as they did at the 2020 NFL Draft.
  • Jason La Canfora continues to hear that there is a very real sense within the league office about the Super Bowl being played in front of a full crowd. La Canfora notes that the timing of a vaccine will be paramount, but there is at least “real hope” this will be the case.
  • According to La Canfora, there’s more chatter about perhaps having to adapt to a bubble environment of some sort for the postseason, depending on what happens with the virus around the country. La Canfora adds that it remains to be seen whether there would be one bubble or a split between the two conferences. Nothing has been formalized regarding a potential bubble, but La Canfora writes that it’s at least one possibility to monitor.
  • La Canfora can see the NFL cutting out-of-conference games should the NFL need to cut the schedule to 10 or 12 games. An AFC executive tells La Canfora: “If anything, move them all back to the final four weeks, and then if we have to go to the playoffs without playing them, so be it.
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