NFL Notes: Dolphins, Falcons, Panthers



  • Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald continues to hear that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross “really, really likes” Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa and the idea of securing a high 2020 draft pick is considered a “priority.”
  • Jackson adds that the Dolphins have “admiration” for Oregon QB Justin Herbert will also be one of the top prospects in next year’s draft. 
  • With this mind, Jackson says it’s unlikely that the Dolphins will be serious players for top free agents this offseason.
  • Jackson could see the Dolphins making some of their veteran players available for trade this offseason.
  • According to Jackson, the Dolphins are open to drafting a quarterback in the middle rounds this year.


Falcons QB Matt Ryan mentioned during an interview with 680 The Fan that it’s “hard” to see Steve Sarkisian go, but he’s “excited” to be back working with Dirk Koetter.

“I’m excited to work with Dirk Koetter again, it felt like my time spent with him early in my career was really productive,” Ryan said, via “I’ve learned a lot since then, and I think we both can be better as we move forward. But, it’s one of the parts of the job that sucks, for sure. Letting people go and having new people come in and turnover, but it’s a part of this business and you have to deal with it.”


Panthers QB Cam Newton says his shoulder is doing “good” after undergoing what’s considered to be “minor” surgery last week. 

“It’s good. It’s good,” Newton said during an appearance on 680 The Fan in Atlanta, via “It’s better than I thought it would be. With so much going on throughout this season, I was in fear to see what actually was wrong.”

Newton explained that he just didn’t have his normal strength in his shoulder last year. 

“That’s what was so frustrating,” Newton said. “It didn’t matter how much I would grunt, how much I would muscle up and throw it, it wasn’t going far. You’re looking at your arm like, ‘Geez, Louise! What’s really the issue?’

“You’re looking around the league, guys like Patrick MahomesRussell WilsonTom BradyJared Goff . . . these quarterbacks that are saying, ‘I can make that throw. I know I can make that throw.’ And to go to practice and prepare for games and even be in games and you can’t make it physically, that’s something that’s . . . I wouldn’t say humbling. It just takes a hit at your pride.

  • Charles Robinson reports that concerns about Newton missing time appear to be “overblown.”
  • Robinson mentions that Newton’s shoulder surgery was to remove some existing scar tissue and bone-spurring and was a very clean process. 
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