NFL Notes: Draft, Chiefs, Raiders



  • Matt Miller says Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins is “primed to be this year’s “riser” after the NFL Scouting Combine.”
  • Miller adds that sources have raved about Haskins’ arm talent, body and character with one high-level personnel man saying he thinks Haskins will be the player teams are trying to trade up for in the top 10 picks.


Chiefs GM Brett Veach was about WR Tyreek Hill and DL Chris Jones, who are now eligible for long-term extensions. 

“We want them here for a long time,” Veach said, via Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star. “We have a special thing brewing here. . . . We’ll have discussions on how we can make this work for everyone.

Veach added that they’ve already been preparing for a long-term deal for QB Patrick Mahomes, who is a year away from being eligible to get a new contract.

Last year we were putting this together, and this is pre-50-touchdowns and 5,000 yards,” Veach said. “We were preparing to have success and (considered) the potential of a future number.

  • Field Yates reports that the Chiefs are expected to hire University of Kentucky defensive coordinator Matt House as their linebackers coach.


Raiders OT Donald Penn admitted that the team’s decision to trade away Khalil Mack last year took a toll on guys.

“No matter what nobody says, we tried to overcome it, but when you trade your best player away in the beginning of the year, it takes a toll on guys,” Penn said, via “Whether they say it or not. We fought through it. We tried to stay together. It was a tough season.

“Khalil Mack is one of my good friends. I’m happy he did what he did. But I knew kind of when I saw Aaron Donald sign that deal, I kind of knew in the back of my head that we weren’t going to be able to sign Khalil cause all the money he was going to ask for. I knew what [Jon] Gruden was coming from cause I might know different cause I been in the league for so long. I know it’s a business.”

  • Patrick Brown reports that the University of Tennessee has hired Raiders DBs coach Derrick Ansley.
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