Peyton Manning Could Sign As Early As Next Week


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that expects to see things progress rather quick regarding Peyton Manning and his next team and believes that he could actually sign with someone by then as well.

I still believe that ultimately, talking to people around the league, this is going to be a fairly quick decision,” said Schefter. “… So that he can find a new team by next week.”

Schefter also mentions that it “doesn’t sound like it’s about money for Peyton Manning,” and sees the Broncos as a “more realistic (suitor) than some people know.”

That’s the third person in the last 12 hours that believes that the Broncos have a real shot at landing Manning.

However, the New York Post throws some water on the idea after reporting that Manning has “no interest” in playing for a cold weather team.

If this is true, you can cross of the Broncos, the Jets and Chiefs as all three teams play in outdoor stadiums in colder climates. It’s to say if this would impact the Seahawks but I’m sure it would be a consideration assuming that this report has knowledge of Manning’s preferences.


pixy Peyton Manning Could Sign As Early As Next Week

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