Projected 2017 Franchise & Transition Tag Totals

Albert Breer has put together projected 2017 Franchise & Transition Tag totals for each position based on the $168.1 million salary cap figure released to teams this week at the owner’s meeting.

Here’s what the franchise & transition tags could end up costing teams next year:

Position  Franchise  Transition
QB  $21.5M $19.0M
RB  $12.2M $10.0M
WR  $15.7M $13.3M
OL  $14.4M $12.6M
TE  $9.8M $8.3M
DT  $13.5M $11.0M
DE  $17.0M $14.0M
LB  $14.6M $12.4M
CB  $14.3M $12.4M
S  $11.0M $9.3M
P/K  $4.8M $4.4M

We’ll have the official franchise and transition tag totals posted here once they’re available.

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