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Tim Tebow Removes Himself From Jets’ Wildcat Package

According to a report from ESPN New York, Tim Tebow informed the Jets that he was no longer going to be a part of their wildcat package now that they have made the decision to turn to Greg McElroy as their starting quarterback.

The Jets lost again on Sunday and while McElroy wasn’t exactly great, he was sacked a staggering 11 times in the game. Tebow was replaced by wide receiver Jeremy Kerley in the package since he actually played quarterback in high school.

The Jets downplayed the situation following the game, but ESPN New York’s sources informed them that Tebow told the Jets specifically that he didn’t want to be used “situationally.”

Clearly the relationship between the Jets organization and Tebow has been strained to the point where you have to wonder whether or not it’s even worth it to have him on their roster. The Jets are reportedly prepared to trade or release him in the coming weeks, but it’s hard to imagine him netting them any amount of value at this point in time.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly very interested in acquiring Tebow, but they would be wise wait for him to be released and claim him off of waivers instead of including draft picks or a player in trade.

We’ll have more regarding the topic in the near future.

  • Tebow knows that just because he is a Christian doesn’t mean he has to become a doormat for Rex. Way to go Tim. Stand up for what’s right.

  • Hound

    I am a dumb cunt. Because only a dumb cunt would write a message with you dumb cunts.

  • dont be hard on tim,his birthday is tomorrow,arent you guys going to write an article about how he was born in a manger and all that?

    • carlc2210

      Your stupid post shows what a biased jackass you are. STFU.

  • disqus_oyVkwnYne6

    This is pure bull shit. This guy would play linebacker if you asked him to.

  • [email protected]@K at the way the Jets treat Tim Tebow. The guy’s an athlete; he’s a ball -handler. You don”t see Tim fumbling the ball away like Sanchez. I believe Tim was given a raw deal with the Jets!!
    Patriot wide receiver Julian Edleman is out with an angle injuryl Let the Pats pick up Tebow–I am SURE Bill Billicheck will find a way to use a man of Tebow’s prowess in the offense somewhere.
    Benching Sanchez = good, Skipping over Tebow = STUPID–Give him a chance but no.
    Let McElroy get sacked 11 frickking times.
    Jets = a joke…
    Stinky, potty poo-poo, daddy!!!

  • Tebow is a great person and the media can’t stand that so they cast him very negatively. Would say most the media bashers never played a second of football, pop warner to college, let alone the NFL..

  • andrew

    tebow is a crybaby! he should be grateful he gets an opportunity to touch the ball. i dont see him in the nfl within 2 years. jets have 3 useless qb’s. you guys are hurting. next season isnt looking so good.

    • carlc2210

      and you are an idiot. Why the hell should he play for these losers and risk getting injured.

      • andrew

        you americans are useless. crying over useless players like tebow. no one will ever remember his name except how he never used his opportunities. compared to the likes of andrew luck who has used all his opportunities and became a hero. as for you carl’s jr, gotake your shit somewhere else.

        • carlc2210

          “You Americans” what are you Canadian or something? If so you are an even bigger idiot then I thought – go post your BS drivel on some canuk blog you stupid cheesehead. If not Canadian then apply the same to what ever country you are from.

  • Sproing

    A smart move by Tebow. Whjy risk an injury ion the final two games for a team that has obviously decided that they have no use for him in the future. They lied to him, or at least the head coach did, so he owes them nothing as they’ve gotton to use his signing and the New York media’s feeding frenzy mentality over the past year to get millions of dollars of essentially free advertising. Now they have to pay the price

  • shan_the_man

    At this stage, when Tebo was passed over by Greg M., he rightly said enough is enough. At this point, I think he wants to be released. Smart move on his part. He shouldn’t risk injury in the wild cat at this point of the season and hurt any chance he has to move on to another team. It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. If the offensive line can’t give them time and the receivers can’t get open then anyone will do badly at quarterback. Tom Brady would look very bad as the Jets quarterback. Moving Tebo in as QB would help the Jets because at least now the defense has to start respecting his run ability and when the pocket collapses, he can take off or scamble to the side for a pass. Bottom line, Rex Ryan needs to be fired. He is an arrogant blow hard who hasn’t figured out that when you lose people to injury and have personnel changes, you need to be able to adjust your scheme to the remaining strengths you have. The same formula you used 3 years ago to be successful doesn’t necessarily compute later. He should take a lesson from Bellich who has evolved his play calling to the strenghts of his players.

  • Rolando

    Too late for Jets and Tobow, if they started him they would surley want to see him fail.
    I have no respect for Ryan anymore. I hope the Jaguars will be smart enough to sign him, this is their 3rd chance.

  • TEBOW is special. Those who realize this are fortunate. There’s always a reason for everything, and maybe his time in NYC will always be important. It’d be wonderful to have him back in Florida.

    • Rolando

      A big ditto!!! Back to Jaguars I hope, prove Elway and Ryan wrong.

  • If I was the Jets, I would have told Tebow… Well, then, you’re not going to get paid!

    • Rolando

      I agree…. you got to do what you are told, a chance to prove yourself.
      Unless they set you up to fail, which I would expect Ryan would do.
      Some Jets teammates may feel the same, want to see him fail.

  • MacDaddy

    Start Tebow and give him the last and only chance he deserves that no one else has stepped to the line of scrimmage and done. Jet’s fans, really deserve to see what Tebow can do since all else has failed. Love him or hate him, he deserves a shot Balboa. I will bet that if Tebow starts this last game he will win and the Jets owe him a last shot before he goes because he is telling them that he is not going to run the Wildcat seldom and stupidly used because he should get a chance to start.

    He should get his chance like Sanchex and McElroy and he is next in line on the bench even if you love or hate him, Put me in Coach I a ready to play as he as done all year. Who gives you the best chance to win now, Rex? New Yorkers, this guy deserves to start the last game of the year, a deal is a deal and WTF?

  • Awww! Poor wittle baby! I guess his God isn’t giving him all he wants. I don’t see him on the sidelines with Psalms & other horseshit painted on his face. Goes to show. When they’re doing well it’s all “PRAISE JESUS!” but when they can’t make shit happen, they just hang their heads in shame. Just pathetic.

    • Omoro Bryant

      Man you are a disrespectful idiot!

    • Rolando

      You are unhappy and hatefull, get a life.

    • BC1968

      He’s a fucking crybaby pussy. How ignorant and disrespectful for this jerk to think he’s above the team. Any potential team that wants him should think twice now. You think any players in this league want to play with a fucking quitter?

      • carlc2210

        What an ass – If you are a NewYorker you deserve the crap the Jets management has served you, lap it up loser.

        • BC1968

          First off, I’m not a New Yorker, second off, why do you hate that state and this country?

          • carlc2210

            What an absolute simpleton – though I’m not surprised at your response. Typical dimbulb trying to deflect the issue.

            First, I was referring to New York City Jets fans that believe the tripe being fed to them by Jets managament (although I think few of them do). So since you are not a “New Yorker” you are just some lame ass that doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.

            Second, asking why I hate this country is completely disingenuous and beyond lame and has no relevance with this post – you have no clue regarding my position on “this country”, what ever you mean by that, although it could be presumed that you are referring to the U.S.A.

            I know it’s hard for you, but try to show a little intelligence before make further posts.

          • BC1968

            What a moron. I’ll just return your posts with insults like dimbulb, idiot, and dope. Does that make you feel like we’re having a good conversation now? For some reason your first post to me had nothing to do what I said except I’m a New York loser and then in the second post you’re so stupid you couldn’t detect the sarcasm.

            I don’t expect an intelligent conversation from you, but try not to babble. Make a stand pal, take a position. Don’t be afraid.

          • carlc2210

            Obviously from your response your level of intelligence precludes you from understanding what I was saying to you. Let me see if I can simplify it for you (or at least fill in the details you lack perceiveing). You make a post stating that Tebow is a “a fucking crybaby pussy. How ignorant and disrespectful for this jerk to think he’s above the team…” – you had to have based this statement on information that was suspect at best (and the vericity of which has proven by subsequent events to be false) or else you are just spewing vitriol based on some perceived dislike of him. You go on claim he is a “fucking quiter” again a statement based on ignorant assumptions. So far you are batting 1000 in the uninformed poster department. My statement to you regarding the Jets management is that if you believe the lies they have put out about Tebow (ex. He is the backup QB) then you deserve the crap they are feeding you (hence the moniker LOSER) My reference to New York meant that you might be proned to this blind acceptance because of misplaced loyalty (still an arguably ignorant position). Your accusation that I “hate this country” is laughable at the very least – how did you make that leap of illogic. Finally, my “stand” is this PAL :

            1. Tebow has been treated callously by Jets management.

            2. He has been unfairly and malicious maligned by the NYC press

            3. He has been subjected to ignorant, burtal and fallacious posts by uncouth, baised and un-informed persons such as yourself. I
            reference your first post (to which I responded) as a case in point.

            4. His good character is obvious to anyone who is rational

            5. His ability as a football player is also obvious to anyone who is willing to honestly discern reality (i.e. is not delusional) simply by
            referencing his performance in college and with the Denver

            Continue making your simplistic responses all you want – they just further reiterate my points.

          • BC1968

            Ok time to get on with your bias. He pointed out to coach Ryan that he’s not happy with his wildcat situation.Too fucking bad. He tried to cover his ass by saying he came forward to Ryan friday saying he’ll do whatever he needs to do to help the team win. Ryan had already moved to another game plan. So you take your misinformation and I’ll take mine. I’ll go with the coach on that one.

            Is he a good person? Who knows? I don’t know him, Your information is suspect at best, unless you know him personally. You’re an apologist and will say anything to make this guy look like the victim.I saw the same people crying when he left Denver. Oh, I guess John Elway is wrong, what would he know about a good quarterback?

            How did that work out for them? Are they still calling for Tebow to come back? He’s not a qb, anyone with an eye can see how bad his mechanics are. Only one team, a lousy team, is probably going to go after him next year. Can’t wait for him to prove everyone wrong.

            You’re a fan of his and you can’t look at the situation rationally, So do keep making your points they just further reiterate my points. It sounds better when I say it because I’m right. He’ll be out of the league in the few years.

            . The fact that you somehow equated me to a New Yorker, or a Jets fan
            really makes you a moron. Maybe you know why by now. Well anyway, hope
            you enjoy following the Jaguars next year.

          • carlc2210

            blah blah blah – obviously you can’t come up with an original thought of your own. There are no more epithets to describe your level of ignorance – so I shall no longer bother.

          • BC1968

            And away you go, when you get knocked out you stay down. I didn’t know you were female though, that would explain your love for a horrible quarterback.

    • estebantot25

      that happens when rex ryan losses control of the “team” tebow is not the problem, ryan is.

    • carlc2210

      The only pathetic thing here is you fool. Why the hell should he want to play for a piece of shit organization like the Jets. They (and idiots like you) have dogged him from the start. If I was him I’d sit out the last game and give them back their money for that week. You are just to stupid to appreciate someone like Tebow.
      – LOSER

    • I dont see Tebow doing any of that, the only pathetic thing is your explicit hatred of someones spiritual beliefs, Your intolerance of religion, in this case Christian, makes you look like a fool filled with hatred, malice and ignorance. Merry Christmas.

  • Guest

    I’m not in love with Tebow, LOL, no homo…. I’m in love with Jesus and God Almighty and so he’s one of the only quarterbacks I care to know and support. With that said well, Go Seahawks!

  • I don’t care where he goes If I’m still alive and if he becomes a Starter I’m putting that jersey on my back

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