Former Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano Joining The Patriots Coaching Staff?


Ben Volin of the Boston Globe mentions that there is a “lot of buzz” that former Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano could be joining the Patriots coaching staff.

  • Volin was informed that Schiano was seen spending time with Pats HC Bill Belichick in Indianapolis last night.

Belichick has been a huge supporter of Schiano and was reportedly one of the main reasons why he was hired by the Bucs a few years ago. Belichick also went to bat for Schiano in recent months when he spoke to Browns owner Jimmy Haslem on Schiano’s behalf. The recommendation was enough for the Browns to pull out of the Senior Bowl and fly to Florida for a secret meeting with Schiano.

New England has drafted several Rutgers players in recent years, which is notable based on the fact that Schiano coached there before heading to the NFL.

We’ll have to see if anything comes this idea in the next few weeks.



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