NFC East Notes: Eagles, Giants, Redskins




  • Dan Duggan of The Athletic lists QB Eli Manning, TE Rhett Ellison, OLB Olivier Vernon and CB Janoris Jenkins as the top candidates to be cap casualties for the Giants over the next month. 
  • Regarding Manning, Duggan says the sense right now is that the Giants will keep him and look to draft a successor this year. According to Duggan, it’s unlikely the Giants would ask Manning to take a pay cut.
  • Duggan writes that while ILB Alec Ogletree is overpaid, he isn’t in jeopardy of being a cap casualty.


  • Julie Donaldson reports that the Redskins and Adrian Peterson are “going back and forth on numbers” regarding a new contract and are trying to figure out terms that work for both parties.
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John Storch
2 years ago

Does anyone proof read anymore, before posting an article? The piece on the GMEN by Dan Duggan opens with: “Elisha Manning, Rhett Ellison, Olivier Vernon and Janoris Jenkins as top candidates to be CAP CASUALTIES over the next month.” In the very next sentence, Dan Duggan writes: “In regards to Elisha Manning, the GMEN will likely keep him and draft his successor. And the GMEN will not ask Elisha to take a pay cut.” WHAT?! The two sentences contradict themselves. And Elisha should just retire already. The GMEN could sign Teddy Bridgewater and wait till 2020 for their next francihise… Read more »

John Storch
Reply to  John Storch
2 years ago

Robert Quinn will be signing with the Jets, reuniting Quinn with his ‘ole buddy Jets new DC Williams. Quinn had some of his best seasons under Williams’ tutelage and Quinn is only 28 years old.