NFC Notes: Bears, Buccaneers, Packers





Packers QB Aaron Rodgers said he feels the team is “very close” and that they could fly under the radar in their division.

I feel like we’re very close,” Rodgers said. “And I feel like a lot of stuff is going to set up for us because they’re going to be talking about two other teams in our division, at least, and in our conference a number of other teams that have either done things or added pieces.”

Rodgers added that there is a lot of excitement around the locker room with their new coaching staff and upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. 

It’s exciting, though, to see the energy and the excitement. It’s usually like this the first week, but I feel good about the potential to sustain this type of energy as we move into it later this month and get into the minicamp. And then obviously we have a number of high picks, so there should be a lot of excitement with our fan base — there definitely is in the locker room. It’s been a good start to the change.”

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