NFC Notes: Cardinals, Redskins, Seahawks



Cardinals HC Bruce Arians mentioned that undrafted rookie WR Carlton Agudosi has really stood out for his play and size during offseason workouts. Arians also said he’s surprised Agudosi didn’t have better production at Rutgers.

“I don’t know if it was quarterback, scheme or what it was,” Arians said, via “That’s a big, tall fast guy that should have had big numbers in college.”

Agudosi explained that his senior season just didn’t come together as he anticipated it would

My stats weren’t that good,” Agudosi said. “I had a pretty good junior year, and as a senior I was expecting to come out there and tear it up. It was definitely hard going through a season like that.

I’m excited that I have a shot,” Agudosi said. “I’m blessed. I didn’t have a big senior year but I still have an opportunity. It’s all coming together, but I have to make it actually come through.


  • Mark Maske of the Washington Post writes that some people within the NFL remain skeptical that the Redskins will be able to strike a deal with franchise QB Kirk Cousins before the July 17 deadline to negotiate with franchise players.
  • Maske mentions that Cousins and his representatives will weigh any offer from the Redskins against the $23.94 million he stands to make in 2017 and the $34.47 million it would cost Washington to franchise him again in 2018, which is a total of $58.41 million.
  • This is over $8 million more in average salary that Derek Carr just got from the Raiders in his record-setting extension.
  • With this in mind, both executives from other teams and agents for other quarterbacks have told Maske that they aren’t convinced a deal will get done in the next few weeks. Instead, they seem to think Cousins plays out the year under the tag and moves on in 2018, possibly signing with the 49ers and reuniting with Kyle Shanahan.


Michael-Shawn Dugar of writes that Seahawks C Justin Britt could be in line for an extension following the 2017 season after he put together a strong year for Seattle in 2016.

However, Dugar mentions that the Seahawks haven’t spent big on their offensive lineman in recent years and it could cost them between $6-8 million per year to retain Britt.

Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable mentioned that Britt really settled in at center for them last year and is coming off of a “tremendous” season.

“Justin Britt has kind of taken over offensively what you need—a lot of things I used to see in Max, so that’s a big step for us,” Cable said. “For him to be settled is good. You always try to find guys in their roles, I think we’re getting closer to that. This is a young enough group that you can kind of see them stay where they’re at right now for a while now. Here he is coming off a tremendous first year at center, he was the leader before, now he has really become a strong, strong leader on offense across the board.”

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