NFL Notes: Roger Goodell, Buccaneers, & Texans


Roger Goodell

Jason La Canfora reports that the NFL Players Association has filed a grievance with the CBA arbitrator early this year in response to the league’s new domestic violence conduct policy.

Sources tell La Canfora that the proposal submitted by the union would no longer involve Goodell as the figure in full authority in the process.

In fact, not only would the commissioner no longer handle the appeal himself, but he wouldn’t be able to appoint someone else.

The NFLPA proposal calls for the creation of a new appeal position that would be held by one person and not a panel of appeals officers.

According to La Canfora, the two sides have discussed the matter briefly, but the NFL has reportedly not responded formally to their proposal and has yet to submit one of its own.


Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes that all eyes are now on Lovie Smith after he decided to take over playing calling duties from defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

The Buccaneers responded with a poor Week 1 showing against rookie QB Marcus Mariota, who wound up setting a number of records against them.

La Canfora mentions that Smith did not have full control over his staff in Chicago, and it was the front office who hired defensive coordinator Ron Rivera and special teams coach Dave Toub.

Smith wound up firing Rivera later on, but La Canfora says that Smith’s decision to take over Frazier’s game-day duties reminded some of the falling out with Rivera.

Coaches around the league took note of the fact that defensive coach Rod Marinelli, one of Smith’s closest friends, opted to stay in Dallas as coordinator rather than join Smith’s staff in Tampa..


Ian Rapoport explains that the Texans decided to go with Ryan Mallett as their starting quarterback in Week 2 because they love the spark that he provided after coming in for Brian Hoyer.

The Texans’ locker room also supported the move based on how Mallett was throwing the ball.

Other factors, according to Rapoport, were that the Texans were impressed with how he handled himself after losing the job, and they believe he could prevent some of the negative plays Hoyer had in Week 1’s game.

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