NFL “Optimistic” About Holding Training Camps In Full


Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that the NFL is “optimistic” about holding training camps in full but is still preparing alternatives in case they’re needed.

According to Fowler, team officials he’s spoken to are “cautiously optimistic” and wouldn’t be surprised to see some dates moved around or even shorten the preseason. 

A league source tells Fowler that the NFL expects most teams will be able to open facilities by the end of the week. However, there could still be some exceptions.

Reports from earlier in the day mentioned that the NFL expects teams to remain at their facilities for training camp this year. 

The NFL is expected to give teams an option to operate in their facilities, but Fowler says some teams still planning to keep coaches away until training camp.

A few weeks ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to NFL teams saying they can open practice facilities on May 19. Although, teams were required to be in compliance with league protocols and able to reopen under state and local guidelines.

In total, no more than 50 percent of a team’s staff are allowed in the facility at one time and there can be no more than 75 total people as part of the initial reopening, but it sounds like this number could increase. 

Coaches and players were not permitted to be in the team’s facilities as part of the initial reopening of facilities. Rehab players and those undergoing treatment are, however, allowed.

We’ll have more regarding the NFL’s plans as the news is available.

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