NFL Owners Table 4th-And-15 Onside Kick Proposal


Albert Breer reports that the onside kick proposal did not pass on Thursday and the alternative has been tabled. 

Tom Pelissero adds that owners felt further discussions were needed before implementing it. 

Pro Football Talk reports that the two biggest areas of discussion regarding the 4th-and-15 play centered around:

  1. The ability of the “kicking team” advancing the ball well beyond the 15-yard line and gaining more than just the ball and possibly even scoring a touchdown.
  2. The ease of getting a first down via a pass interference call or defensive holding.

Last week, reports said there was “some growing support” for the Eagles’ proposed onside kick change that would allow a team to go for a 4th and 15 situation from their own 25-yard-line. 

Teams would be able to attempt this a maximum of two times in a single game along with the normal kick. 

This idea has been considered for a few years now and was first proposed by the Broncos. It didn’t gain a lot of traction early on, but it seems like the NFL is at least warming up to onside kick ideas after the changes to kickoffs to improve player safety has greatly impacted onside kick success. 

We’ll have more regarding NFL rule changes as the news is available.

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