NFL Rumors: Ochocinco In New England?


As we have previously mentioned, the Bengals will have to make some tough decisions this offseason regarding the direction that the franchise is currently heading in. One situation in particular is whether or not the team will decide to pick up Chad Ochocinco’s option that will pay him $6 million for next season.

Kevin Goheen of the Cincinnati Enquirer opinions that Ochocinco has played in his last game a Cincinnati Bengal. Whether this is the case of not, it doesn’t seem as though the Bengals are hellbent on bring him back for another season at that price.

Despite all of drama that Chad is able to conjure up during his time in Cincinnati, he has found an admirer in Patriots head coach Bill Belichick who spoke candidly about the pro bowl receiver in an earlier interview.

“I like Chad,” Belichick said in September. “I like him as a player. I like him as a person. I like his enthusiasm and the fun he has with football, and I like how he competes on the football field. I have a lot of respect for that. An odd couple, but in the end I think we have a lot of things in common.”

You cannot rule out the Patriots for the sheer fact that they have been the only team that has been able to keep Randy Moss under control for an extended period while getting plenty of production out of him at the same time. Ochocinco could end up being a steal for a team like New England if they’re willing to take the risk.

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