Patriots Fined $350K For COVID-19 Protocol Violations


According to Ian Rapoport, the Patriots were fined $350,000 for violations of the COVID-19 protocol stemming from their issues back in October. 


Patriots QB Cam Newton and CB Stephon Gilmore both tested positive and the league had to reshuffle some of New England’s games. 

Mark Maske adds the fine was for violations related to not wearing masks inside the team facility. 

The fines are consistent with what the NFL has docked other first-time violators of the COVID-19 protocols. The league fined the Titans $350,000 for violations including not wearing masks earlier this season that resulted in a massive outbreak. 

Repeat violators have been punished more severely. The league fined both the Raiders and Saints $500,000 and stripped them of late-round picks for their second violations of the year. 

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