Peyton Manning Likely To End Up In Washington?’s Mike Freeman mentions that “everyone” he’s spoken with in the NFL sees Peyton Manning signing with the Redskins during free agency, assuming that he’s healthy enough to play.

Freeman writes that; “everyone I speak to in the NFL — and I mean just about everyone — believes if Manning becomes a free agent, the Washington Redskins will sign him.”

Over the weekend there were reports that cited two people close to Manning who believed that he was “very likely” to sign with the Redskins.

There’s no doubt that Mike Shanahan will have interest in signing if and when he’s available. Washington will have the cap space and need to turn around their struggling franchise and the addition of Manning would at least give them an upgrade over Rex Grossman. Still, there will be plenty of competition for him on the open market as the Dolphins are said to be very high on him as well.



pixy Peyton Manning Likely To End Up In Washington?
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Mike Fiegel
8 years ago

What a Wasteland… Why would Peyton ever go to Washington??  Just so he can play 2nd fiddle to his brother Eli in the same division??? This just don’t make sense to me, or if he is a true sellout then it would make perfect sense!!! HMM???  Fat payouts in Redskin land that’s for sure…    But i would think Peyton would go to a team that’s gonna be a playoff threat!! Sorry Washington your playoff dreams are a thing of the past….