Raiders & Dolphins Teams To Watch For Missouri QB Drew Lock


Adam Schefter reports that the two teams to watch tonight on Missouri QB Drew Lock are the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins.

If Lock is still on the board when the Dolphins are up, Schefter says that Miami could end up choosing between Lock or trading the pick to the Cardinals for Josh Rosen

There has been some buzz about teams expressing interest in trading up to No. 34 overall with the Colts to get Lock, so he figures to be one of the early storylines to watch. 

Lock, 22, was expected to be a first-round pick in this year’s draft and there was even talk of him possibly a top-10 selection. However, it’s clear teams didn’t value him as much as some expected. 

During his four-year college career at Missouri, Lock threw for 12,193 yards, 99 touchdowns and 39 interceptions.  He also added 437 yards rushing and nine touchdowns.

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