Reggie Wayne Has “Less Than 50-50” Chance Of Staying In Indy?


Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star gives Colts WR Reggie Wayne less than a “50-50” shot at returning to Indianapolis next season.

I don’t believe Reggie wants to break the bank on what will be his final contract, but he’s not going to give a huge discount,” writes Chappell.

The Colts will still have cap issues even if Manning leaves and owner Jim Irsay has said that DE Robert Mathis and WR Pierre Garcon are the team’s top priorities heading into the offseason. This isn’t going to help Wayne’s chances of returning any. The team could have addressed his contract years ago but choose not to commit to him in the long-term. At this point, you would have to think that he’s going to be playing elsewhere next season.

There are at least a dozen teams that are in need of help at the position and even though there’s a fairly deep group of free agent receivers this year, Wayne should still be able to find a decent opportunity with another team.

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