Texans Open To Trading The No. 1 Overall Pick


During Friday’s press conference to introduce new HC Bill O’Brien, Texans owner Bob McNair told reporters that they are open to making the No. 1 overall selection available for trade next year.

“Maybe we’ll trade down and still get a quarterback that can do the job and get an outstanding defensive player,” McNair said, via ESPN.com. “It’s an exciting time. Everything’s a moving target. Lot of different pieces.

The Texans locked up the first overall selection with a hugely disappointing 2-14 record this season. Many have assumed that the Texans would keep the pick and take a quarterback prospect to build around such as Louisville’s Teddy Bridewater or UCF’s Blake Bortles.

During his press conference, O’Brien stressed the importance of finding a quarterback this offseason.

“Well, quarterback is certainly a priority on any football team,” O’Brien said. “I think in this league, in many ways it’s a quarterback-driven league.

So we’re going to evaluate this football team, evaluate every position, including the quarterback position, and we’re going to make the best decision for the football team. And the quarterback is a very, very important part of this football team.”

The Texans have held the No. 1 pick twice in their short existence — selecting QB David Carr and DE Mario Williams. In fact, every head coach for the Texans has began their tenure with the first overall selection.

I’m sure the Texans will find plenty of interest in the coming months for this pick, assuming that they are in fact sold on moving out of the top spot.

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7 years ago

I bet Vikings trade up to 1 and get Bridgewater