How To Create A Post

I decided to put together a simple how-to-guide for creating a post and some basic formatting techniques. All lot of this is commence sense but it gives you an idea of how I format all of the information published on the site. Continuity is very important to the sites overall quality so I’d appreciate it if you would please do your best to follow the steps accordingly.

  1. Title  
    • capitalize each word.
  2. Post 
    • Paragraph: Start with the report
      • ex: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Peyton Manning has signed with the Titans.
      • I always link to either the institution or the reporter to try to highlight the fact that it was their report
    • Paragraph: Add in any quotes or pertinent information from the report
    • Paragraph: General summary/analysis
  3. Tags
    • Just tag the names of the players
    • Below the post it should recommend names featured in the article
    • I always use the Wikipedia link because they’re more consistent that the other options
  4. Headspace
    • Located below
    • Copy your title from above and paste into “Page Title”
    • No description
    • Keywords should be the teams and players involved
      • ex: (Indianapolis colts, peyton manning, tennessee titans)
      • I have it setup to automatically include general keywords so this is all that’s needed
  5. Categories
    • Located in the upper right-hand corner
    • Just click the teams involved. In this case, Colts and Titans
  6. Tags
    • Below the “Categories” is the “Tags” box
    • I know you’ve already done this but it’s for the sites search function.
    • Just players should be tagged here and they should be suggested for you
    • If not just type their name and click “add”
  7. Featured Image
    • This is by far the hardest part
    • Scroll down to the “Featured Image” box on the right sidebar
    • Click “Set Feature Image”
    • Click “Media Library” at the top of the pop-up screen
    • Type the name of the player “Peyton Manning”
    • Then click “show”
    • Scroll down a bit and in the middle it will say: “Use Featured Image” click this
  8. Publish
    • Blue button called “Publish” located below
  9. Slider
    • For some reason the theme makes you add it to the slider after publishing it.
    • On the right sidebar, check the “Slider” box
    • Do this for posts that you feel are worth being highlighted


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