Manning Close To Returning?


The health of Peyton Manning has been of the top stories throughout the preseason as the Colts have already signed Kerry Collins out of retirement as a contingency plan in case Manning’s injury keeps him out longer than expected.

Manning was interviewed during last nights game against the Packers and seemed to be pretty optimistic that he’d be able to return for week 1. That was followed by Colts head coach saying that Manning could back with the team some time soon.

“I would say that it’s certainly a realistic possibility here and it could happen shortly,” Caldwell said regarding Manning being activated from the PUP list.

One thing to consider is that Manning would have to be activated before September 3rd in order to play in any of the teams first three games so the fact that Caldwell mentioned him being activated doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be ready for the start of the season.

Last night the team went with Curtis Painter, who actually showed some improvement, and Dan Orlovsky as Collins was not ready for game action yet. Depending on Manning’s health, one of Painter or Orlovsky would likely be released upon Manning’s return to the team. Will Painter showing some improvement and an endorsement from Reggie Wayne, he’s more likely to stick with the team than Orlovsky is.

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