NFC Notes: Cowboys, Eagles, Panthers



Regarding the Cowboys’ failed fourth-and-10 try from its own 23-yard line, HC Mike McCarthy said it was a “big-play opportunity” and called it based on tendencies from Washington’s special teams. 

“Well, I mean it’s definitely a big-play opportunity,” McCarthy said. “There are certain things you look for tendency-wise on when and where. But obviously, we didn’t execute it. That’s how those things go. Obviously, it’s ultimately my responsibility, particularly when a play like that doesn’t work. But we’re trying to generate a big play. At that point in the game, our information that you look for going into it, it was a solid call.”

McCarthy stood by the play call and explained that Washington’s gunner did well to stop them. 

“Well, you don’t get anywhere if you think about the negatives all the time,” McCarthy said. “Obviously, it was a solid play call. It’s a good play design. Their gunner made a good play. He came off of it and put us in a high/low read for Cedrick. It’s a play that if we hit it, we’re sitting (good). That’s the nature of those plays. So, you can never hit them if you don’t call them and don’t believe in them. I clearly understood the situation when it was called.”

McCarthy added that their “film study” of Washington went into their fake-punt call decision. 

“There’s obviously film study that goes into the call when you call it,” McCarthy added. “But yeah, when you call it, you’re obviously looking to convert it. You obviously understand on fourth-down calls what your options are. You either convert it or don’t convert it. You always know that going in. There’s flow of the game and all those things that factor into the decision. I’m very confident in our players and we put them in position to make big plays.”


  • Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, citing two team sources, reports that Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie did not travel with the team to Cleveland for Week 11 out of mounting “frustration with his team.” 
  • However, an Eagles’ spokesperson told McLane that Lurie was being “overly cautious” with COVID-19 as the reason he did not travel, while also planning to visit his mother for Thanksgiving. 
  • McLane’s sources also indicate that Lurie left various workouts and practices early “out of disgust.”
  • McLane points out that Lurie attended each of the Eagles’ nine previous games prior to Week 11 against the Browns. 
  • Sources close to the team tell McLane that they were “shocked” that Lurie did not attend the game and could not recall if he’s ever done that before. 
  • Eagles HC Doug Pederson said TE Zach Ertz (ankle) is unlikely to play in Monday’s game and is hopeful for his Week 13 availability. (Jeff McLane)
  • Pederson confirmed that veteran OT Jason Peters will play at right guard in Week 12 and Jordan Mailata will start at left tackle. (McLane)
  • Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports reports that Eagles G Sua Opeta is scheduled to undergo surgery on a bulging disc, while will likely end his 2020 season.  


  • Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey (shoulder) has been officially ruled out from Week 12 and he did not travel with the team to Minnesota. 
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