NFC Notes: Eagles, Giants, Redskins




Regarding Giants QB Daniel Jones, quarterback trainer Anthony Boone said the second-year player has added 10 pounds of muscle this offseason. 

“He will look more cut-up,’’ said Boone, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post

Boone reiterated that Jones has built a “good physique” and added weight without sacrificing speed. 

He’s done a good job of putting together a good physique,’’ Boone said. “At the end of the day he wanted to get stronger and get a little more meat on his bones but still maintain being able to run and move around and being on the field the whole time. Not ‘I’ve put on too much weight and I get short-winded now.’ His thing was make sure he could stay mobile, agile and be out on the field the whole time.’’

Boone believes Jones’ added muscle will help his body sustain more hits in the pocket. 

“For one, as a quarterback, being able to take hits a little bit better – you have a little bit more muscle so you’re a little heavier,’’ Boone said. “You put that muscle mass on means you’re looking at a little bit more leg-drive on some throws. More velocity. Or being able to push the ball down the field a little bit further.”


Redskins HC Ron Rivera compared first-round DE Chase Young to former All-Pro Julius Peppers. 

He’s not quite as big as Julius was,” Rivera said, via Kyle Stackpole of the team’s official site. “He’s built like him; he’s a mini version of him. He’s got a little bit more of that initial explosion. Julius was very long and his explosion was good, but because of his length it seemed even better than it really, truly was. I mean Julius was phenomenal, and this is a young man who could be that type of player.”

Rivera also said Young’s work ethic is similar to Broncos OLB Von Miller. 

Von Miller comes to my mind when I watch Chase and I watch him work out and I watch the tape he’s putting out, so I’m pretty excited about seeing him,” said Rivera. 

Regarding speculation that the Redskins would select a quarterback or trade the No. 2 overall pick, Rivera said they were doing “due diligence” with the draft process.  

“We’ve always felt pretty good about Chase; it was just a matter of us doing our due diligence going through the process,” Rivera said. “It really was honestly something that was just a formality really going into it.”

Rivera projects that Young will appear in 40-45 defensive snaps per game in 2020. 

“What we’d like to do is get him out there, get him going, see where he’s going to fit and then from that point use him, but use him the right way,” Rivera said. “Use him to where if there’s 70 plays in a game, he’s not playing all 70, he’s going to play somewhere between 40-45 because we’re going to rotate guys.”

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