Titans Inform CB Cortland Finnegan That He’s Not Apart Of Their Offseason Plans


The Tennessee Titans have essentially bid farewell to CB Cortland Finnegan after choosing to use their franchise tag on FS Michael Griffin. It’s seems strange that the team would decide to move on without one of their best defensive players without even extending him a reasonable offer.

They did, however, inform him that he’s no longer part of their plans.

It is bittersweet,” Finnegan said, via Nashville Tennessean. “For six years I played in the Titans organization. But they wanted to move on … I don’t know why, and I don’t know what else a guy could do career-wise and in the community. But that’s part of the business, and you have to move on.”

Tennessee obviously feels that they’ll be able to get by with Jason McCourty and Chris Hawkins but it would make sense for them to grab someone in the draft or possibly a low-cost option in free agency.

Gregg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk mentioned that  the Vikings, Bears, Bucs, and Cowboys could be in on Finnegan once free agency is open for business.

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8 years ago

Let’s be honest this guy is going to be getting so many huge offers from teams all over the nfl seeking a CB like him, idk why the titans would let htis guy go and I’m pretty sure the nfl didn’t expect to see him in free agency, guess that means teams better get their check books ready. out of all of the teams I’m pretty sure the bucs will pick him up

Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer
8 years ago

How much is he looking to get? Best guess?? Because in my opinion this guy just became the best free agent on the market, and I think would have been higher on peoples lists going into the offseason had anyone thought he would actually get to the market…

I could see the Vikings going after him hard, or a sleeper team like the Packers (how are they on cap room?)