AFC Notes: Broncos, Chargers, Raiders



Broncos’ second-year QB Drew Lock is set for his first full season as the team’s starter, but he thinks the Broncos can still develop good chemistry despite not having much time together.

“The real factor with it is, yes, we didn’t get enough time with each other,” Lock said. “We’re going to have a shortened period of time, we’re going to have to pick up a lot of things extremely quick. It might not be the prettiest at first, but our job is to make the mistake, learn from it and try not to make that mistake more than once because we really don’t have time to keep making the same mistakes. I’m still expecting the same things from us this year because we’re going to put in the extra work to make up for that time off.”

Broncos GM John Elway was asked earlier this week if expectations for the offense would be different given the canceled preseason.

“Yeah, they’re definitely tempered,” Elway said. “I don’t think we can expect with no offseason for us to come out and be hitting on all cylinders. I know that we have spent a lot of time in Zoom meetings, and [offensive coordinator] Pat Shurmur and his staff on the offensive side have spent a lot of time with it, but there’s nothing like being on the practice field. It’s going to be a slow build. The expectations of Drew — I mean, he did play well for five games, but that was only five games last year. He didn’t have the offseason this year, which for young football players is always very, very important. … I was hoping for a couple of preseason games just because we are so young on the offensive side, to get to see somebody else. We’re going to have to deal with it. Today’s world is adjusting, so we’ll adjust to that.”

  • Broncos LB Bradley Chubb will wear a brace this year coming off of an ACL injury but says there is no doubt he’ll be 100 percent for the season opener. (James Palmer)


  • Regarding HC Anthony Lynn previously saying they could explore working out free agent QB Colin Kaepernick, Telesco says they feel good with the quarterbacks that are on the roster, per Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times.
  • Telesco also added that the team works players out on a need-be basis and that if the need for a quarterback arises, Kaepernick remains a possibility.
  • According to Telesco, none of the 30 players who are at the Chargers facility have tested positive for COVID.
  • Telesco also said he has heard from no players about opting out this season, according to Miller.
  • Lynn told reporters that while veteran Tyrod Taylor would likely open as the starting quarterback, there’s a good chance first-round QB Justin Herbert starts at some point: “This young man has got to be ready to play. This is a year of a lot of uncertainty. Every player has got to prepare and be ready to start. …Him sitting out the whole year, that may not be the case.” (Miller)


Raiders rookie WR Henry Ruggs mentions that RB Josh Jacobs had his back at Alabama, and he feels confident that he will continue to do so as he joins Jacobs once again in Las Vegas.

“He always kept it real with me and told me what I needed to do and the right mindset to have [at Alabama],” Ruggs said, via Scott Bair of NBC Sports. “When he was here we had a little contact. He knows what I can do, and he told me to come in [to the Raiders] with the same mindset, put my head down and work. He’s a guy who is not afraid to call me to see if I have a question before we can even think twice. He’s making sure that guys are on top of everything. If we want to come in early, he’s open to that. If we want to go over to the house to do something extra, he’ll do that. He’s a great leader and a great teammate. He’s somebody that I can lean on for anything.”

Ruggs adds a dynamic element to the passing game but notes that he will take Jacobs’ advice and put his head down and do the dirty work required to help the Raiders succeed.

“I’m out here to do a job, and that’s to help the team win,” Ruggs said. “If I have to block or just run down the field so a defender will look at me, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m 100 percent for the team and I’m going to do whatever the coach calls. As far as the dirty work and the things people usually don’t notice, I don’t mind doing it. It’s just part of being a team player.”

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