Colts Considering Other QB Options?


Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star discusses some fairly interesting hypothetical options for the Indianapolis Colts now that they have started off the 2011 season 0-2.

“Unless the master plan is to keep losing and get in a position to draft Andrew Luck — the “Suck for Luck” campaign is well under way in this town — there’s nothing to lose except for some more of Irsay’s pocket change,” writes Kravitz.

Obviously the Colts could stick with Kerry Collins who has looked his age throughout the teams first two games but Kravitz mentions signing Brett Favre or playing Curtis Painter as two options that the team could consider.

So far there has been no indication that Favre would even be willing to return to the NFL but you know as well as I do that the idea can never be ruled out.

Reggie Wayne came to the defense of Curtis Painter during the preseason when the news broke that the Colts were planning on signing Collins. Painter also should some improvement during the teams final preseason games but Indy ultimately choose to go with Collins.

It would only take a few more poor performances to force Jim Caldwell‘s hand to make a change as their current on-field-product looks as bad as ever.


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